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But wait! There’s more!

Need some good news?!

I do!

Well, good news…we’ve got REALLY good news!

The Gospel of Jesus IS our good news.

As we celebrate Easter – the good news that Jesus overcame death and the grave and is alive – it’s important we realize what that actually means.

Too often we have left that good news in a little box in the corner of our lives. Waiting to open it on that fateful day when we enter into eternity.

Have you ever received a gift with multiple items inside but you didn’t know it? You open it and, “How wonderful – a gift!” But then you’re told, “Wait! There’s more in there!” “Ooooooh, more?! YAY!”

That’s the good news of Jesus. There is so much more in the gift of the gospel then many of us realize. And it’s time to open the rest of the gift.

When we say yes to the gift of salvation, we are saved and given the promise of eternal life. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Yes, Jesus overcame death and the grave so that we could live with him in eternity AND so that we could live with freedom, power, and joy today and everyday! The good news of a life with Jesus is a gift that keeps on giving everyday.

And this good news brings great joy!

Could you use a little more joy in your life? How about a lot more joy?!

I want you to live everyday of your life like the gospel is good news!

Will you join me? Beginning on Tuesday April 14th I will be hosting a free 15 Day Joy Bringer Challenge on Facebook. Every day I will be going live in the private group, joined by amazing Christian leaders from all over the country who are experts in areas I believe are vital for us to live lives full of joy.

We will be diving into subjects like:

  • Forgiveness
  • Flexibility vs Control
  • Rest
  • Jesus as a man of great joy
  • Being filled with the Spirit
  • Joy in sorrow
  • Healing
  • Gratitude

And so much more!

This will be a special time for us to connect and grow together. One that I believe will change your life. Will you join me?

CLICK HERE to join the FB group.

I recall the words of Jesus in John 15:11 in the Passion Translation  

My purpose for telling you these things is so that the joy that I experience will fill your hearts with overflowing gladness!

I am so grateful for you and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!



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Propelled by joy

Everything felt strange. Nothing about today was ordinary. Nothing about today was going as she had thought it would, and with every passing hour things seemed only to get worse. An eerie quietness settled over her as she stood at the base of the hill, powerlessly watching Him suffer. It was all so surreal. Images of all they had shared flashed before her eyes: the miracles, the love and friendship, the words of life, the simple moments together. Present-moment reality rattled her with a cruel jolt.

Now Jesus, her Jesus, the man she knew and loved, was gone.

Keep moving she urged herself. She had to keep moving or else, fall apart, so she followed them to the tomb, watching as they laid Him to rest. The pain was unbearable, yet she clung desperately to every moment to be near His body.

There were still things to be done before the sun set and Sabbath began. She knew she had to leave Him and run to the market to buy all the spices and oils necessary to honor Him, wanting nothing to delay her return to the tomb on Sunday morning. But leave him? How? Numbness, having replaced the pain, left her paralyzed. Her only consolation was the opportunity to care for Him in death as He had cared for her in life. That was all the fuel she needed. The tasks were accomplished in a determined haze, and now, if nothing else, she could provide a proper burial.

But first, the Sabbath.

How could she possibly rest with Jesus gone? It seemed almost impossible in this moment. A hot flood of memories washed over her again, as she recalled the example He’d set. She managed a half-smile through welled eyes, whispering ‘even now, He’s still caring for me.’ Jesus was her model and no matter what was going on in His ministry, He had known how to rest. She had learned so much from watching Him. He had shown her the freedom and joy found in obedience, in always living in response to the Father’s love. In humble determination to honor the Sabbath in order to honor her Lord, she yielded.
Oddly, the forced rest was good, giving them time to process and grieve. One emotion gave way to another. They were angry—He was innocent! They were confused—why didn’t He fight back? They were resolved—they must keep His ministry going. As they voiced their questions and reflected on all the things He said that hadn’t made sense in the moment, many of His words became chillingly clear. Hadn’t He told them this would happen?

No one slept much those two nights and the moment the sun began to rise on Sunday morning, they made their way back to where His body was lain. What started as a walk, quickly turned into a run. They were desperate to get to Him. Devotion and love carried them the whole way.

But as they approached the tomb, anticipation turned to fear. The ground began to shake; lightning and thunder stopped them in their tracks. They exchanged startled glances. The men who were guarding the tomb fell to the ground, unconscious, the stone pushed aside. The tomb was empty. Jesus was gone. Horror overcame her.

A man (or at least he looked like a man, yet so bright and blinding) appeared and began to speak. His words pierced into her soul. She was in shock but what she heard changed everything. “He’s not here. He’s alive. GO. TELL.” It made no sense but at the same time this was the truest thing her soul had ever heard.

The desperate ache within was telling her to stay—to stay where Jesus had been, but revelation was inviting her to go.

And so, she ran.

Even though she hadn’t seen Him yet, the truth that He was alive propelled her forward with a joy that overpowered her pain and fear. Tears streaming down her face, heart pounding, and her legs moving faster than ever before, she had one goal—find the rest to tell them He was alive! They needed to know. Everyone needed to know. But would they believe her?

She ran without care or concern for her dignity. None of it seemed to matter now that her Lord was alive. Her lungs burned but she kept running. And then, just there, ahead in the distance, she saw Him. She froze. Standing in the middle of the road they locked eyes, and even from afar, she knew it was Him.


Time stood still and nothing else existed in the brilliance of that moment.

She fell at His feet. Her tears soaked them as she poured out her love upon Him—it wasn’t the first time. This was a familiar posture. She didn’t know what to say to Him, her words meant nothing compared to how she felt.

Jesus had met her. He had come for her.

He had come for them and for us.

It was true. He’s alive. Go! Tell!




Published in Joyful Life magazine, Spring Edition 2019.