A Joyful Little Poem

by | Dec 31, 2019 | joy

Tis the day before the New Year and all are a twitter. The decade is over, however sweet or bitter.

The twenties are here, the teens have matured, and all send up prayers of thanks, we’ve endured!

They’ve left us with markings of stretch and of scaring, but both paint a picture of depth, and we’re trying

To muster up hope. We sing songs of grace. We resolve to do better. We put smiles on our face.

But it’s joy in our hearts and truth in our heads that make the new year one of purpose instead.

The truth is we can. The hope is so real. We stand firm on our faith, we have nothing to fear.

Jesus is King, the Father is love, the Spirit is power, we have more than enough.

So hold your head high and delight in your title, you’re a child of God let joy rise inside you.

Not just to fill but overflow up and out, and bring that joy everywhere with a shout.

You are loved! You have hope! Your future is bright. Joy is in Jesus and in him we delight.

A Joyful and Blessed New Year!