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Season is available to speak and can create a message to fit your needs. Here are some of her favorite subjects to speak on (watch/listen to samples here):

The power of joy – Joy is the 2nd fruit of the Spirit and the thing that sent Jesus to the cross, but joy has been overlooked in the message of hope that the Church preaches. Season is passionate about joy and the power it has to change your life. She presents a captivating and powerful message of truth that will leave an audience feeling empowered to live a life full of joy.

Blended families  – Season became an insta-mom to three daughters when she met and married her husband. When she became a mom her new daughters were 6, 8, and 10. Her stories will make you laugh but also challenge you to STEP UP to greater things as a parent.

Identity and calling – When the Lord called Season out of her long and successful career as an actor, she went on a challenging journey to discover who she was.

I asked, “Who am I now, Lord?!”

“You are MINE” he said. And that was enough…sort of.

When we stop letting our earthly titles define our future, and we start living in the limitless power of our identities as a Daughter or Son of the Most High King, the possibilities are endless!

Freedom and healing – Season carries a powerful grace to release truth about our identities in Christ and the freedom and healing that comes when we grasp this truth. She loves to release emotional and physical healing in gatherings through the power of prophetic words and words of knowledge.

Biblical teaching – Season has her Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary and enjoys preaching exegetical sermons that bring the Word of God to life. She uses the power of narrative to captivate an audience and take them INTO the moment and enlighten hearts and minds to the power of God’s message found in Scripture.


Contact Season to book at



1 thought on “Booking”

  1. Season is the most amazing story teller I have ever had the privilege to know! She brings God’s glory to any audience and holds each person enthralled with her ability to make the Bible come alive! Thank you for speaking at our church and to men and women everywhere! I highly recommend her to all ages and locations. Did I say how amazing she is?????!!!!!

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