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Day 3 – Change Your Life Lyrics – JBA

I love Christmas music!! The glorious melodies, orchestrations, and specific voices that we have come to identify with the music of Christmas are visceral. We hear them and are whisked to a place that, for most of us, is cozy and safe, familiar, and full of wonder. But if I may, I would like to… Continue reading Day 3 – Change Your Life Lyrics – JBA

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Day 1 – ARRIVAL – Joy Bringer’s Advent

ad:vent noun the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. Confession. I have never known much, nor cared about the season of Advent. I recognize that there are people all over the world that include this in their holiday celebration, but I've never really been exposed to it or felt the space in my… Continue reading Day 1 – ARRIVAL – Joy Bringer’s Advent

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What color is your Christmas?

White? Black? Red? Green? Blue? Let me explain. For many of us, our childhood Christmases were red and green and sparkling with hope and possibility. Bright lights twinkled with our heart’s desire. The smell of food and the sounds of laughter are carved into our memories and all it takes is one sighting of the infamous red and green… Continue reading What color is your Christmas?