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We met and married in 10 weeks. We knew it was right and we dove in.

Because of the speed in which we moved, there were two things we didn’t talk about that, in time, caused some issues.

How did we not discuss it?! We married in February, and as summer rolled around and football season began, it was discovered that (GASP!) we loved rival teams!!!!  OH THE HORROR! But a marriage covenant is a marriage covenant and we would just have to learn to cope.

There were only a few seasons of rivalry in our home until my life-long team finally decided to make good on their threat and skip town. They were so bad for so long and I stuck it out – I was a loyal fan! But my loyalty to my home town ran out once they left. I couldn’t do it anymore. The (now LA) Chargers are dead to me.  The bright side is that I have now won the best wife award by coming over to the dark side – I mean, the Kansas City Chiefs. (My husband wants me to add, “the winning side” which, to his credit is true).

The second major issue we encountered was at Christmastime. I was so excited to be a mom and do all the mom-things. We dreamed up a list and shopped for our daughter’s gifts, decorated, and loved establishing our own traditions – that is until the time came for gift wrapping. I had thought through it all: each girl would have their own wrapping paper according to their personality (but still complimenting each other), and Santa’s wrapping paper was also specific to each girl – but Santa themed, of course. Or so I thought.

To my surprise, my husband had a visceral response to the idea that Santa would wrap his gifts. His experience was that Santa NEVER would wrap his gifts, but simply leave them under the tree. He argued that Santa didn’t have time to wrap gifts, and that most of the gifts he brought we not easily wrapped.

WHAT?! I never knew that was a thing! Santa always wrapped my gifts, and his wrapping paper was different from my parents gifts.

Little did I know that this is a deeply dividing issue! My husband conceded and allowed Santa to wrap our daughter’s gifts. I am now more sensitive to the idea and would not impose my experience on others. So, please tell me, dear friends,

Does Santa wrap the gifts he leaves under your tree?



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  1. Bobbie Helland

    Ooohhhh yes. And as children became more wily in their ways, Santa had different wrapping paper for each – eventually that double-sided paper that could slow them down just a little. Now that they are grown, tiny initial written somewhere by a clever elf does the trick. But wrapped. ALWAYS wrapped. Amanda’s love language is gifts, so this was really important for her.

  2. paulainauckland

    Heck yes. Different paper for each child; I use the same paper under the tree for everyone, as otherwise it hits my OCD button.

  3. Sally Wing

    As the official spokesperson and delegate for Santa in this household, yes – Santa’s policy is to wrap all gifts that are placed under or around the Christmas tree.
    Exceptions are allowed for small items placed in stockings. Large or oddly shaped items may be presented with only a large bow, however, every effort should be made to wrap said item in whatever manner is available (bed sheets are allowed). Santa gives extra credit for wrapping creativity, stealth in concealment, and squeals of delight from recipients.
    Excerpt from Santa Delegate Standards & Protocols, Chapt 3, Article 5, Subsection vii

    • seasonbowers

      Oh Sally! You just made my day! Hahahaha!