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Day 8 – Good Tidings Of Great Joy – JBA

Keeping it real, ya’ll!

I’ve have lots of new and wonderful things going on, and today’s Joy Bringer’s Advent is two fold. First, my desire to fill you in on the new stuff, and second, the transparent reality that I just couldn’t do much more than that for today.

I’ve been swamped and overwhelmed with all kinds of good things. Therefore, today’s moment of reflection and focus on the Coming One is powered by my gratitude for the fact that there is actually good news to share, and, my deep love and appreciation for you.

You may know I’m a pastor at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, CA. I’ve spent the last four years as the Assistant Connections pastor, and as of December 1st, I am now the pastor of Communications. It’s a huge promotion and a wonderful opportunity for me to grow. I love my job, I love my church, and I’m super thankful.

Also, you may know that in addition to being a writer and pastor, I am also a radio host. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last six months developing a one minute feature about joy, called Joy Bringer (duh! haha). It plays daily on our local radio station, 102.5 The Vine, where I have the privilege of being a host. In the last few weeks my feature has been distributed nationally, and in the last few days it has been picked up on radio stations all over the country! The message of joy the Lord has called me to share is now being heard Coast-to-Coast! Eeeeek!

There is more HUGE radio news, but I’m in final stages of details, so I’ll tell you more when it’s all finalized.

Thank you for grace. Thank you for journeying with me. Thank you for your wonderful feedback.

I promise this is the only one like this. Tomorrow we light the second Advent candle, LOVE.



Joy Bringer’s Advent

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  1. Congrats Season. I’m so happy for you and I love and cherish our friendship, your leadership and your presence in my life. Love you Freind..

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