Worship in bed

by | Oct 21, 2017 | love, sex, and marriage

“Babe, let’s go worship upstairs.” We’ve all got our own unique lingo that we use to signal our spouse that it’s time. Call it whatever you will, you know you do.

If you follow me as a writer, you know I’m on a roll! A sexy role that is. I’m inspired right now to write about sex…or as I like to call it, hot, married sex .

You see, that’s the issue, the world seems to focus on sex outside of marriage as the hot kind. When was the last time you saw a steamy love scene between two married people in a movie or on tv? But the truth is from the very beginning it was ordained by God and intended to be special. Think about it, God created man and woman as the glorious finale of his masterpiece, declared it very good, and then left them, naked, in paradise, and essentially said, “Hey guys, I’m gonna take a day off…you are free to enjoy each other and figure it all out. Have fun! Wink, wink.”

While I believe God loves it, I also believe the enemy hates it. How do I know that? Because there is so much energy and effort to distort and corrupt it! From very early on we see the enemy try to tear apart what God intended for such goodness. With infidelity, pornography, and a myriad of other distractions and distortions surrounding sex, there is an all out evil attack aimed at the special and holy union.

Here’s is why I deem it holy. It is set apart. It is the closest to the physical, emotional, and spiritual union of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the three in one, that we as humans can experience. They are three distinctive persons that fit perfectly together, bonded by love and mutuality. In our context it becomes a literal physical bond where two do indeed become one, and add God to the mix and you’ve got three! How cool that the Lord created us to experience such a unique union!

But, as many of us have experienced, this sets us up for an all out attack from the enemy. So instead of settling for a painful, disconnected, unsatisfying, and perverted version of sex, we worship. We worship with purity, joy, and boldness. We worship knowing that when we celebrate what the Lord created to be very good, we not only get pleasure, but the Lord takes pleasure in our enjoyment. Yup, why do you think he created orgasms? Yes, there are reproductive reasons for orgasms, but if they were only for baby making then they would cease to exist when we can no longer produce children.

The enemy has gotten many of us to believe that pleasure can’t exist in a pure and holy way. Well, sweet friends, it can! It begins by inviting the Holy Spirit into your sex life. Ask the Lord to tell you what he wants you to experience. Welcome him into that part of your marriage and watch what happens. If you’re thinking your spouse might think you’re nuts, tell them about this blog…I’ll take the credit for being nuts. It’ll open the door to a great conversation. And take a risk! Before you get to it, pray together. Ask the Lord to reveal himself and his glory in the gift of your hot, married sex.

There are plenty of other suggestions I have…but maybe we’ll just begin there. The Lord wants you to enjoy healing, wholeness, and abundance in every area of your life. Don’t let the enemy win any longer. Your marriage is holy and so is your sex life. Worship in bed!