Just another day

by | Oct 22, 2017 | Faith, joy | 2 comments

As I was driving to pick up my daughter, I didn’t want to be in the car one more second! I drove almost 100 miles that day but never went farther than 3 miles! 3 MILES AT A TIME AND LOGGED 100 MILES!!

Here’s what it looked like…

3 school drop offs

1 kid back home because she was too sick to go

To Work

Left work to go to, Dollar store, drug store, post office, 3 different grocery stores

Back to work

2 school pick ups and drop off at home

Back to work

Home from work

Took 1 kid to youth group (back at work)

Picked up kid from youth group (at work)

Back home

It was a good day, don’t get me wrong, but it was certainly a day full of running. As I got up the energy to get back in the car to, once again, head back to work to pick up my daughter from youth group, I made the conscious decision to be filled with gratitude. But in all honesty, it was 10 pm and I was battling weariness from the day. It would have been easier to be focused on the negative, but I’ve been there and it doesn’t actually help. So instead, I began to thank the Lord for everything in front of me.

Thank you Lord for,

-my car!

-the gas in my car!

-the ability to drive

-street lights that work

-pavement to drive on

-drivers on the road who obey the rules

The list went on until my daughter got in the car. At the same time she hopped in, my phone notified me that I had a FB message. It was a direct message from a gentleman who goes to my church. I had never received a message from him and seeing that it was 10:15 pm, I was curious. He told me that he felt led to send me a song….As we pulled into the garage and my daughter got out of the car, I clicked on the link to listen to it.

It was an old gospel song….I mean old! I had never heard of it, but as it played I started to laugh.

Just another day that my Lord has kept me, yes it is
Just another day that I've been in my saviour's care, yes it is
Wanna say he threw his loving arms all around me, yes he did
And there I found peace and joy right there

Another day, I've been working in Gods vineyard, oh yeah
Another day, you know he kept me by his side, oh yeah
He said I know just how hard you've been laboring, mm hmm
He said I want you to sit down and rest a while 

I replied to the gentleman and asked when he thought to send this to me. He told me he felt the Lord nudge him with that around 10 pm….right when I was being grateful to the Lord for the little things! Thankful for just another day!

How sweet is the Lord!? He was so faithful to meet me in that praise and gratitude. He was generous to encourage me as I chose to focus on the small stuff when I really wanted to focus on grumbling about my crazy day of driving and non-stop and, frankly feeling very much unappreciated.

God is so good! He sees us! He knows us! He even uses other willing servants to deliver sweet messages of love to us.

When you are weary and the desire to grumble and complain, when life feels overwhelming, choose gratitude! Even if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, try being thankful for the mundane, the laws of nature, or even the simple (but powerful) heartbeat inside you.

The truth is that the Lord does everything with JOY. There is never a moment when God gripes about you or feels anything other than delight over you. Let’s partner with the Father and turn grumbling into gratitude.

Grateful for just another day,



  1. Judy Dolbey

    You are so special and God loves you so very much today and every day.

    • seasonbowers

      Thank you dear Judy! And YOU are so loved!