Naked dress

by | May 19, 2017 | joy

My mom was a character. Really, she was one of a kind. There are so many memories I have of her where I often to stop and think, did she really do that?! For instance, one day, a guy friend of mine was over, she liked him and wanted me to date him so she was on top of her cool mom game. As she was being her funny, over-the-top self, she was having a discussion with this guy about our dishes. He said, “Oh, my mom has those! But we don’t have a full set because she breaks them all the time.” My mom replied, “No! These are (insert name of dishes here), they don’t break! That’s why I have them, because I break everything!” They go back and forth about how his mom’s experience with them….to which she proceeds to “show him” how unbreakable they are…You ready for this one? She takes the whole stack of plates, holds them up high above her head, and drops them onto the kitchen floor. SMASH!!! Yes, of course, they smash into a million pieces and she doubles over laughing, and snorting. I told you…a total character. I was mortified.

She had her own style. She drove a convertible, top down rain or shine, with a head scarf…usually leopard print, often with curlers underneath. It was a great way to get the right hair height on the way to work.

Once she got home from work she would immediately disrobe (often in the laundry room, but no place was off-limits) and put on a “naked dress.” It was a sun dress, or borderline moo moo to be more specific, and she had a variety of them. She wanted to be free. I was thankful her choice was to actually put something on! She used to tell me about her very well endowed grandmother who would come into the house and immediately take her bra off and hang it on the piano….I’d take a naked dress any day compared to that!

As I am in the process of writing a book on joy (not surprised?), I’m amused by the what is most often associated with joy in the Bible (eating, drinking, and dancing!). **Confession alert** I began this blog intending to write on the correlation of joy and nakedness in the Bible, but that just didn’t work out for me. In case any of you are theology buffs, or strict exegetes,  you probably already know that the theology of nakedness in the bible is tied to shame and sin. But what if it doesn’t have to be? What if we look at the other side of it. Go with me here…

Adam and Eve were naked and in a state of pure joy in the presence of the Father. They didn’t need clothes! They were totally free and unashamed. Does it get any better than that?! They didn’t cover up until after they entered into the bondage of sin and shame.  How’s that for flipping the naked/shame thing on its head! It’s should be that clothes are a sign of sin and shame, and nakedness a sign of freedom and joy!

King David traded his fine and elaborate kingly robes for a priestly linen robe (which means there wasn’t much to cover him!), and in pure joy, and celebration of the goodness of a faithful and powerful God, he danced with all his might. Can you imagine?! Feeling so much joy that you strip off your clothes and dance without any insecurity and shame in front of everyone?!

Take a look at babies! Nothing is cuter than a little one running free in their birthday suit. Especially if you catch them shaking their behind to their own grove.

Now, please don’t think that I am advocating for the nudist lifestyle, or sharing a little to much information about my home life – I do not take after my mother in this way. However, I want to remind us that there is freedom in joy. I am simply encouraging us all to remember that we are created to be uninhibited by sin and shame. Jesus paid the price so we can do just that! DANCE! BE FREE! RUN! SING! SHOUT! And you wear that naked dress in total confidence! The Lord wants us to strip off the clothes of bondage and get our grove on in celebration of His goodness and love.

Joyfully Free,